yb5点ac只为非凡:苹果汽车谁来造 Apple car is a slice of the pie

Apple’s car is either the worst-kept secret since its watch or a cracker of an inside joke. “Project Titan” has generated massive hype for a product that is five to 10 years off. The iCar may be electric and drive itself or not. Few know. But if it does arrive, it will be stylish, tech savvy, integrate with the iPhone and be in demand. Who will build them? Not Apple: it does not build its phones or computers, and building cars is much more complicated — just ask Tesla.苹果(Apple)汽车要么是时隔苹果手表之后最未能激进好的秘密,要么是个只有内行人才听不懂的高明笑话。